2 bugs and a little lady

Friday, July 11, 2014

A recap of the past few months...

A lot of fun and exciting things have happened over the past month and a half. The boys completed their first year of preschool. They are now in summer school twice a week because, well, ya know, this momma still needs her precious 3 hour break twice a week. I posted some first and last day of preschool pictures. My boys have grown up! Other than summer school, I am trying my best to plan other activities for them such as story time at our local library every Wednesday morning and play dates with friends. I really hate how hot it gets here during the summer so I try to get the boys out in the morning for a few hours on the days they don't have summer school to burn off at least some of their crazy energy...and don't I wish they would share it with me!

~Last day of preschool,  June 12, 2014~
~Last day of preschool, June 12, 2014~
~Last day of preschool, June 12, 2014~
~First day of preschool., August 2013~
~First day of preschool, August 2013~
~First day of preschool, August 2013~
~First day of preschool, August 2013~
~Songs during story time at the library!
~Storytime at the library~
I celebrated a milestone birthday in June. I'll let you just go ahead and guess how old I am but I think
the word 'milestone' pretty much gives it away! Ha! Mark took the entire week off for my birthday and even though our entire family was sick with a miserable cold, we did our best to have fun. Lots of swimming, a trip to the San Diego Zoo and dinner with my sister and my 2 nieces and a birthday dinner with fabulous friends at one of our favorite places in downtown Redlands. We celebrated with  my family last weekend which was wonderful, too.

~Mezmerized by her cousin!~
~Vintanas in Escondido for my birthday dinner!


Mark, Kaelynn and I took a trip up north to San Francisco for an awards dinner for Mark. He was recognized for yet another award.  I think this is, and I am not exaggerating, his 8th award. Mark is amazing and I don't tell him often enough how proud I am of him! His place of employment paid for both of our flights and our hotel stay for two nights! Sweet!! I love exploring big cities especially San Fran and really enjoyed the time away with Mark.

~Mark receiving his award~

On June 8th, Kaelynn was dedicated at church. Her dedication was followed by a BBQ and pool party at our house with family and a few close friends. My mother-in-law made the beautiful dress that Kaelynn is wearing. I showed her a picture of it and she replicated it!

We don't have any family vacations planned for this summer because we are doing the Dave Ramsey plan and are kicking our debt (medical school and grad school loans suck people!!) in the ASS!!! Kinda stinks. Live like no one else so you can live like no one else!

Although we have celebrated and created memories the past few months we also experienced heartache as well.  The 6 year anniversary of Karissa's death was tough as expected.  I was amazed at the outpouring of love from friends and family through texts, phone calls, Facebook messages, cards and care packages. I know it has been 6 years but it still meant so much. I am so thankful!

Monday, June 30, 2014

6 years

6 years ago today we went on our last vacation with Karissa. I didn't take many pictures of our vacation and the ones I did take just break my heart into a million tiny little pieces, especially the last one. I was hesitant to even post it. Karissa looks miserable and like she is in so much pain. Little did I know that a few days later she would be free from all her pain. That I would wake up on the morning of July 8th, 2008 and find that my sweet little angel was gone. Healed. Free from seizures. 

It has been almost 6 years since Karissa's death but yet it feels like an eternity. A lifetime ago. This past weekend I was with a friend of mine who also lost a child and I told her that it feels as if Karissa was never even here. It felt so strange to say it. Surreal. 

It's weird how the passing of time brings with it such a change of emotions. Different emotions. Ones that I never thought I would feel 6 years later. My thoughts are such a blubbering mess right now that I can't even begin to explain what I am trying to say. Ugh. I spent some time a few moments ago looking at my old blog, www.thegreekmama.blogspot.com  and some of my blog entries around this same time of year. I have come so far in my grieving/healing process and although time will NEVER heal my wound, the sting has definitely subsided. 

Monday, May 26, 2014

6 months

Happy 1/2 year birthday my sweet little bug! I love how much more curious you are becoming! I love how happy you are and I love how you crinkle your cute little nose when you smile and giggle. You haven't starting crawling yet but can definitely make your way around the room, especially when it's a toy you're after. You love your brothers more than ever and are so amused by them. They are amazing at keeping you entertained and helping me out when I need something. You are really enjoying your solid foods...avocado, sweet potato, banana and squash thus far. I am excited to try more new foods with you and I have enjoyed making all of your food, just as I did with your big brothers. You are able to sit in a high chair at restaurants now. So fun! I am really enjoying this stage of your life but I do wish life would slow down just a bit.

~Crinkle nose~

Mother's Day 2014

There is never a dull moment being a momma to my 3 wonderful babies! They are so full of life, energy and curiosity. I love watching them grow and learn. I am blessed to get to be their momma. 

~The boys enjoying their cotton candy 
flavored ice cream on Mother's Day!~